Picture Credit: DeeJay's Guns

"This Is Me!"

If you know, you know.

Hey! My name is Riza-Lea Mendenhall and I'm a photographer based out of Washington State. I grew up in North Carolina and that's where I fell in love with photography and firearms. 

When I was in high school, I took a photography (film) class for a semester. Ever since then, I've always enjoyed taking pictures and being able to tell a story through them. The very first camera I bought was a Canon 70D but shortly sold it and took a break. In early 2017, I bought a Nikon D610 and have slowly created a portfolio of my work. 

Throughout my life, I've never touched a gun or even thought about the 2nd amendment until I met my boyfriend in January 2015. Beginning of February, he took me to the range and that's the first time I saw or touched a gun in person. Just like a small percentage of people, I immediately fell in love with training, understanding how to properly use a firearm, and how to protect myself with one. ​

Random Facts: 

I absolutely love pandas and puppies. I prefer the snow over the ocean. I'm not a terrible skier but you'd think I'm great (or not) because I was a ski instructor. My favorite food will always probably be mac & cheese. I'm adopted. I wear kids shoes. I didn't know any English when I came to the U.S. I played basketball throughout my life. I like to play video games (currently playing PC games).

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